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Puppies For Sale in the Midwest | Puppies-a-Bound

About Puppies-A-Bound

Welcome to Puppies-A-Bound where you will find a friendly Golden Irish puppy to charm your day. Our puppies are carefully raised to enjoy human and animal interaction. They love to run and explore but also meet you with a bound when you get home from a day at work or school. These friendly puppies are the perfect addition to a family looking for a loyal companion!

Read below to learn more about who we are or contact us to get started. You can call, text, email or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: (219)-241-9843

Email: contact@puppiesabound.com

Our Story

In the spring of 2021, our interest in interacting with animals and providing an opportunity for our family to work together inspired us to pursue breeding a few puppies. We decided to focus on the Golden Irish hybrid due to the beautiful and robust family dog it creates. Soon after, we acquired our first Golden Retriever puppies with the hopes that they could become parents some day. Cygnus, our handsome Irish Setter male, joined us a few months later and all the others followed in close suit. Our family has been carefully raising and caring for them and are excited to now have offspring ready to cheer your family and warm your heart.

The Golden Irish Breed

The Golden Irish hybrid is where our concentration is centered. This mix has the hybrid vigor of two wonderful breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter. We believe the Golden Irish hybrid makes a high quality pet that reduces the genetic issues commonly seen in purebred dogs. The classic Golden Retriever with its friendliness and stocky build crossed with the quick witted and mahogany colored Irish Setter creates a puppy that is the perfect blend of beauty, health, loyalty, and love!

Our Golden Irish are all F1 meaning the parents are purebred. We seek to breed using high quality parents that will deliver healthy and consistent puppies you can rely on.

Your puppy comes with:

  • One year health guarantee

  • Licensed vet health check

  • Microchip

  • Completion of required vaccinations and de-wormer

  • A bag of their current puppy food

  • Collar

  • Toy with litter scent

Our Mission

Here at Puppies-A-Bound we are striving to raise puppies with the qualities that you are looking for. Golden Irish has it all: loyalty, intelligence, health, and a charming personality. We want our puppies to be well socialized and well adjusted so that our clients can be the satisfied owners of a sweet companion.

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  • Will my puppy be potty trained?
    We do not specifically work to train the puppies
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FAQ Coming Soon!

If you have any questions we have not already answered give us a shout.

(219) 241-9843

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