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Welcome Cavapoo Joy!

Puppies Abound is excited to add Cavapoos to our Furry Family. Two sisters, Camilla and Cecilla are the moms of our darling little Cavapoo puppies that will soon become your own ball of fluff and fun. Both Camilla and Cecilla are F1 Cavapoos and we are breeding them with pure bred Toy Poodles owned by another high quality, trusted breeder. Being 3/4 Poodle and 1/4 Cavelier, their offspring are the highly sought after hypoallergenic F1B Cavapoo! Their adult weight will likely be between 10 and 15 lbs.

Currently Camilla has 5 adorable F1b Cavapoo puppies--Ophelia, Opal, and Odette are the girls:

Olaf and Oscar are our handsome F1b Cavapoo boys:

Cecilla's Surprise!

Cecilla is due with a litter of F1B Cavapoos around the end of January or beginning of February! They will likely be ready to go home at the beginning of April--a great time to welcome a delightful puppy into your home to raise all summer! Look for upcoming announcements of their birth!


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